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DeWalt XR Range

DeWALT Tough Outside & Intelligent InsideWhy XR?

Why XR?

XR Lithium Ion is the new cordless range from DeWALT offering Extreme Run Time, increased efficiency and improved performance.

By constantly monitoring tool and battery operation the intelligent electronic module and switch maximize performance and prevent damage caused by overload or temperature build up.

This helps to increase the lifetime of both the tool and battery. This technology combined with a tough outer casing and superb ergonomics means that XR Lithium Ion is truly Tough Outside & Intelligent Inside.


DeWALT are so confident about the design and build quality of the new XR Lithium Ion range that we are pleased to announce a 3 Year XR Product Warranty. This offers the peace of mind that you are choosing a system which you can rely on for years to come.


The all new universal XR charger from DeWALT will not only charge all of the new 1.5Ah and 3.Ah 14.4V and 18V XR batteries but also DeWALT 10.8V battery packs. This system provides great flexibility and means that you are choosing a universal charging platform which will support the growing range of XR Lithium Ion products.

A range oif accessory sets specifically designed for the XR series are also available - look out for the XR logo clearly marked on accessory packaging.

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Published on 01/01/2018, Expires 01/01/2019