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Stanley Sweetheart Chisels

Stanley Sweetheart Socket Chisels & Hand Planes

A Stanley Tradition since 1843 - Stanley reintroduces their Sweet Heart logo with a new line of premium hand planes and now the reborn Socket Chisels.

What's the difference between tang and socket style chisels? the difference is how the blade actually attaches to the handle. 

In a tang chisel the blade has a tapered shank (the tang) that fits into a hole in the handle.  The base of the tapered shank has a swollen section called the bolster which prevents the blade from being driven into the handle when struck with a mallet. 

In a socket chisel the blade has a extended section at the top with tapered hole. A matching tapered portion of the handle fits into this hole.   Hitting the handle with a mallet drives the two parts together more firmly.


Socket Chisels

Toolbank stock five different sizes of the Stanley Sweetheart Chisels


Toolbank also stock the five Sweetheart Premier woodworking planes, they are:

12-136 - No. 4 Smoothing Bench Plane

 12-137 - No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane

Published on 01/01/2018, Expires 01/01/2019