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VELCRO® Brand Stick with Toolbank

VELCRO® Brand Stick with Toolbank

As part of our continuing search to introduce new market leading brands, Toolbank are pleased to announce they are now an approved supplier of VELCRO® Brand fastening products in the UK and Ireland.

Recognised worldwide, the VELCRO® Brand offers a range of fastening solutions for use in the home, workplace and garden – in fact wherever you need to fasten or secure something to something, you can do it with VELCRO® Brand products.

VELCRO® Brand is such a well respected household name that the brand has passed in to everyday life and language, however, many people aren’t aware that it is actually a brand name and not the product name! The Velcro Companies offer practical, versatile, convenient and safe fastening solutions to the:

• Home • School • Office • Travel & Leisure • Garden • Manufacturing Industries

Published on 01/01/2018, Expires 01/01/2019