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The New Zyklop Wrench

Wera combines the advantages of five ratchet types in just one tool!

1 fine-tooth ratchet + 1 flex-head ratchet + 1 angle ratchet + 1 nut fixing ratchet + 1 power ratchet

and more besides! The Zyklop can also be used as a screwdriver



Fast turning work

Zyklop ratchets are really fast movers: the rotating mass design accelerates the screwdriving process. Think of a spinning top: simply give it a brief spin, and the top rotates on and on quickly and steadily. The combination of rotating mass design and freewheel sleeve lets you turn the nut/screw quickly. To secure the nut/screw at their final positions, switch over the lever and tighten the screw  union as necessary The nut/screw is loosened the very same way - only in reverse. The Zykop ratchet makes your customer the king of turning work!

A perfect set of teeth!

With fine-pitched teeth the reversible ratchet has a small backlash angle of only 5° - 6'. The short stroke helps you to work quickly and precisely on all installation types - clockwise or anticlockwise.

Not only for nuts!

The Zyklop not only handles nuts and hex screws, it can also take a bit at 0° for use as a completely normal screwdriver. At the same time the typical Wera Kraftform handle provides a high transfer of forces, accelerates work, and goes gentle on the palms.

Fast connections!

The socket lock accelerates the work needed to attach and detach inserts and extensions. The ball lock secures both sockets and accessories for reliable and safe screwdriving work. A quick press on the release button, and tool changes are possible at all defined positions.

So, if you shy away from close contact ...

The top line extensions are fitted in addition with a flexible locking system. With this system activated, drive handles can be secured permanently to the extension. When deactivated the system allows fast changes without manual switching.

Fast connections are in high demand!

Important: All accessory extensions are also fitted with the freewheel sleeve for accelerated work.

Swivels by nature, if not by name!

The ratchet features a swivelling head that can be released in any position at the slide switches on both sides. This means you can work easily with your hands even in cramped or awkward spaces.

The defined locking points at 0°, 90° left and right, and 15° / 90° inwards prevent the ratchet head from slipping for reliable work.

The special feature: at the 0° position the ratchet can take a socket or the Zyklop bit holder and be used like a conventional screwdriver.

Don't switch off - switch over!

All Zyklop ratchets feature a thumbwheel that switches quickly and easily between clockwise and anticlockwise at any position. No awkward manipulation, no lost time!

For all hands!

The ratchet head presents an ergonomic design with finger recesses that respond perfectly to your hand and fingers for turning the head. The ratchet head lies snugly in your hand for fast work. A tool for all hands!

Nice and handy!

The Kraftform handle has been designed to fit snugly in your hand, so blisters and calluses are a thing of the past. The hard materials used for the handle promote fast applications and prevent the skin from "sticking". The softer, "more anti-slip" zones facilitate the zero-loss transfer of high forces.

This combination is unbeatable! So all your work is done at the flick of a wrist!

Is there any more?

The easy extension to work ...

All rigid Zyklop extensions are fitted with a freewheel sleeve. This freewheel sleeve lets you tighten and loosen screws and nuts quickly and effectively. The top line extensions are additionally fitted

with the flexible lock system. With this system activated, drive handles can be attached permanently to the extension, preventing loss and slipping. When the system is deactivated the sockets can be attached as usual and changed in a flash.

From another angle ...

The wobble extension pivots through 15° in all directions. This lets you work quickly and precisely in concealed and cramped spaces as well.

Socket to me!

Wera has taken up the latest industrial standard and developed its sockets accordingly. The new manual and machine sockets can be used for both manual and machine work (in most cases it is

forbidden to use them with impact spanners). Users are therefore spared the need to have two sets of sockets for their work, and both transport and the screwing process are considerably simplified.

The knurling worked into the back end of the socket is ideal for manual applications. This position makes it easily accessible in every situation. In addition the groove presents a perfect mould for your fingers - for a good transfer of high forces. Reliable handling is also assured for work with oil.

Hard shell - soft core!

Wera has not only taken up individual Zyklop ratchets and sockets into its product range, but can also provide users with end-to-end solutions.

Users can choose between the basic and top lines for all three sizes (1/4", 3/8", 1/2"). Whatever the choice, it's the right one!

Wera attaches great importance to the product design. Accordingly, not only the ratchets themselves, also the Zyklop ratchet boxes have been designed with attractive visual appeal. They are all

manufactured from stable metal ideal for the workshop. The rubber feet hold them securely in place at the workplace.

The tools are bedded in foam so that they can be carried to and around the workplace safely and free of impacts. The dual colour foam insert helps you to sort in the tools you no longer need quickly

and reliably - missing tools are immediately recognised (tool check system)

The tools' attachments and positions have been indelibly cut by laser into the lid for easy legibility. You can then find the tool you need with the minimum of effort.

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Published on 01/01/2018, Expires 01/01/2019