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ITL Insulated

ITL manufactures unique, injection molded, insulated tools from Nylon 11. All ITL tools are 100% tested to IEC 60900 and Category C, which means that they can be used in extreme climates and in the harshest and toughest of conditions. ITL is the only manufacturer of insulated tools that can make this claim. ITL tools are the highest quality and standard in the industry. They are longer lasting and harder wearing with a lifetime guarantee.

All ITL tools are injection molded and not PVC dipped. ITL tools are unique and are talked about by the tradesmen and professionals with a hushed reverence.

Categories that feature ITL Insulated

Adjustable WrenchesHacksawsInsulated Bent Nose PliersInsulated Cable ShearsInsulated Combination PliersInsulated Diagonal & Side Cutting PliersInsulated Long Nose PliersInsulated Slip Joint PliersInsulated Sockets & SpannersInsulated Wire Stripping PliersITL Insulated ScrewdriversJunior Saws, Mini Hacksaws & Blades  

Key Products

Hacksaw 300mm (12in)
Insulated Screwdriver Set of 7
ITL Insulated Screwdrivers
Insulated Combination Pliers 150mm
Insulated Combination Pliers
Insulated Combination Pliers 200mm
Insulated Combination Pliers
Insulated Snipe Nose Pliers 150mm
Insulated Long Nose Pliers
Insulated Snipe Nose Pliers 200mm
Insulated Long Nose Pliers
Insulated Bent Nose Pliers 150mm
Insulated Bent Nose Pliers
Insulated Diagonal Cutting Nippers 150mm
Insulated Diagonal & Side Cutting Pliers
Insulated Cable Croppers 200mm
Insulated Cable Shears
Insulated Waterpump Pliers 250mm
Insulated Slip Joint Pliers