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Ever since the first Lufkin® wood rule was produced in 1869, the Crescent Lufkin® brand has been synonymous with high quality and unmatched accuracy.

Today Crescent Lufkin® wood rules, power tapes, engineering and surveying tapes, specialty tapes and measuring wheels comprise of the widest selections of measuring products in the industry.

Lufkin® comprises of over 140 years experience in multiple measuring categories.

Valued features that make a wide variety of tasks such as gauging a petroleum tank, laying out a building foundation or hanging a picture. Accurate measurements from products designed for the work environment.

Categories that feature Lufkin

100m - 300ft Long Tapes10m - 33ft Long Tapes20m - 66ft Long Tapes30m- 100ft Long Tapes50m - 165ft Long Tapes5m - 16ft Pocket Tapes8m - 26ft Pocket TapesRoad Wheels & Track MeasureTapes - Diameter, Marking & Dipping