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All Moldex products and packaging are PVC-Free. Moldex foam earplugs are made of polyurethane and Moldex disposable respirators are made primarily of polypropylene.

Moldex has taken a leadership position among global PPE manufacturers in minimizing our environmental impact. They began with the complete elimination of PVC which is linked to one of the most environmentally toxic materials in landfill disposal and this initiative has now grown into a corporate culture that constantly looks to manufacture innovative products that minimize environmental impact.

Categories that feature Moldex

Dust Masks - FFP1 ProtectionDust Masks - FFP2 ProtectionDust Masks - FFP3 ProtectionEar Defenders & EarplugsGas, Vapour & Dust MasksRespirators  

Key Products

Smart Series FFP2 NR D Valved Mask (Pack of 20)
Dust Masks - FFP2 Protection
Smart Series FFP3 NR D Valved New Generation Mask (Pack 10)
Dust Masks - FFP3 Protection
M2 Earmuffs SNR 27-30 dB
Ear Defenders & Earplugs
Jazz-Band® Banded Earplugs SNR 23 dB
Ear Defenders & Earplugs
Replacement Pods for Jazz-Band® & WaveBand®
Ear Defenders & Earplugs
Wall Mount For Station
Ear Defenders & Earplugs
Disposable Foam Earplugs Mellows Station (250 Pairs) SNR 22 dB
Ear Defenders & Earplugs
Disposable Foam Earplugs (5 pairs) SNR 35 dB
Ear Defenders & Earplugs
Bitrex Fit Testing Kit
Classic FFP1 Non-Valved Mask (Pack 3)
Dust Masks - FFP1 Protection