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Manufacturing in Britain since 1932

Professional Quality Plumbing, Roofing & Drainage Tools


About our brand

Monument Tools is an Innovative, UK based, Privately Owned company which Designs, Manufactures and Markets Professional Quality Tools for Plumbing, Roofing and Drainage under the Monument Brand and via OEM.

The Monument Brand is 80 years old and the company which is still managed by the Collier family continues to invest in the latest technology.

Tools for Plumbing

Soldering & Brazing
Pipe Cutting & Bending
Cleaning & Deburring
Radiators & Immersion Heaters
System Testing
Joining & Compression
Faucets Taps Sinks & Stopcocks
Dosing & Boilers & Flues
Spanners & Wrenches


Tools for Roofing

Beech Lead Dressers
Plastic Lead Dressers
Chase Wedges
Seaming Pliers
Sheet Lead Knives

Tools for Drainage

Toilet & Waste Unblocking
Compressed Air Cleaners
Manhole Cover Lifting
Bacterial Treatments
Testing & Blocking
Cable Machines
High Pressure Jetter

Monument brands

Printed Catalogues clearly identify products with product codes and work in conjunction with the Monument product data held at Look for the Hero products in the catalogue.


Professional Torch Hot turbine flame piezo ignition torch with interchangeable tips for soldering & brazing. Use with Propane MAP/Pro® Mapp® gas.
3475Q with ST-3 Tip / 3476T with T-3 Tip / 3477W with P-3 Pencil Tip (CGA600 1in).

Code: 3475Q / 3476T / 3477W




Gas and Torch Best Practice – Click here
for more information

Categories that feature Monument

Adjustable WrenchesBasin & Tap WrenchesChase Wedges & TurnpinsCompression Fitting SpannerDe-burring ToolsDrain & Sink CleanersDressing SticksFlat BitsGas Testing EquipmentHacksaws & BladesImmersion Heater SpannersJunior Saws, Mini Hacksaws & BladesLead Knives & LadlesLocking PliersManhole KeysMuck Buckets & Builder's TubsOlive Removing ToolsPick Up Tools & Inspection MirrorsPipe & Drain Test EquipmentPipe & Tube Benders & SparesPipe Cutters - AdjustablePipe Cutters - Plastic TubePipe Cutters - Replacement WheelsPipe Cutters - Single HandedPipe Deburrers & Cleaning BrushesPlumb BobsPlumbers Hole SawsPlumbing & Heating ConsumablesPlungersRadiator & Valve KeysSmoke Testers & Tracing DyesSocket Forming ToolsSpecialist ToolsStopcock KeysTank ToolsTap ReseatersTap Reseaters - Cutters & SparesWater Pump, Multi & Slip Joint PliersWork Mats  

Key Products

1458T Large Force Cup Plunger 120mm (4.3/4in)
1459W Master Plunger 125mm (5in)
Automatic Copper Pipe Cutters 15mm
Pipe Cutters - Single Handed
1715C Autocut Copper Pipe Cutters 15mm
Pipe Cutters - Single Handed
1721V Autocut Copper Pipe Cutter 21mm
Pipe Cutters - Single Handed
1722Y Autocut Copper Pipe Cutters 22mm
Pipe Cutters - Single Handed
2030B Olive Cutting Tool 15mm
Olive Removing Tools
Pipe Cutter No 0 264Y
Pipe Cutters - Adjustable
Pipe Cutter No 1 265B
Pipe Cutters - Adjustable
Pipe Cutter No 2a 266E
Pipe Cutters - Adjustable