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Pest-Stop Systems

Pest-Stop Systems are part of Procter Bros., a business established back in 1740 and still family owned to this day, and we are of course very proud of our heritage. But actually it's been our ability to look forward and specifically for new and innovative products which has been a key element of our success. Combining that with our stance of being serious about pest control also helps explain why we're such a respected brand. In fact, being serious about pest control is something in which we believe strongly in and the overwhelming message we hear is that retailers and consumers do too which all makes sense of course as clearly having rats, mice or other pests in the home and garden is no fun at all.

Pest-Stop Systems are the producers of The Little Nipper mousetrap, which they have been manufacturing for over 120 years. Other products in the range are conventional traps, humane traps, cage traps, chemical products, electronic pest control, garden pest control and insect pest control. We have products to trap or repel most pests, giving the consumer a product to suit their needs. Pest-Stop products are also widely used by professional pest Control operatives.

Categories that feature Pest-Stop Systems

Cage TrapsCat & Dog ControlGarden & Household Pest ControlMole ControlMoth Clothes CareRodent Control ElectronicRodent Control Traps  

Key Products

Solar Powered Mole Repeller
Mole Control
Electronic Mole Repeller
Mole Control
Advanced Mouse Trap Pack of 2
Rodent Control Traps
Clothes Moth Trap (Pack of 2)
Moth Clothes Care
Easy Setting Metal Mouse Trap
Rodent Control Traps
Easy Setting Metal Rat Trap
Rodent Control Traps
Fly Papers (Pack of 4)
Wasp & Flying Insect Control
Smoke Generator 3.5mg
Garden & Household Pest Control
Pest-Repeller For Large House
Rodent Control Electronic
Pest-Repeller For One Room
Garden & Household Pest Control