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Categories that feature Rentokil

Cat & Dog ControlGarden & Household Pest ControlInsect Pest ControlMole ControlMoth Clothes CareRodent Control Baits & ChemicalsRodent Control ElectronicRodent Control Traps  

Key Products

Ant Killer Gel (Pack of 2)
Ant Treatment
Clean Kill Mouse Traps (Pack of 2)
Rodent Control Traps
Cat & Fox Deterrent
Cat & Dog Control
Fly Killer Strips (Pack of 3)
Wasp & Flying Insect Control
Flypapers (Pack of 4)
Wasp & Flying Insect Control
Fly Killer Cassette
Wasp & Flying Insect Control
Insect Killer Foggers (2)
Insect Pest Control
Mouse & Rat Odour Sachets
Rodent Control Traps
Moth Killer Cassette (Pack of 4)
Moth Clothes Care
Seal & Kill Mouse Trap
Rodent Control Traps