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RST is the brand name for Hand Tools manufactured and distributed by the Rollins Group stable. Their range of tools, aimed at the DIY market, incorporates Tape Measures, Brick Trowels and Floats, Replacement Tool Handles and Decorating Tools.

Their manufacturing facility in the Midlands produces an extensive range of replacement hammer handles for all hammers through from Pin to the largest Sledge Hammer.

The RST branded trowels continue to offer excellent value for money to both the jobbing builder and DIY enthusiast. Recent changes in their packaging allow this range to be merchandised in-store with ease.

Categories that feature R.S.T.

100m - 300ft Long Tapes10m - 33ft Long Tapes15m - 50ft Long Tapes20m - 66ft Long Tapes30m- 100ft Long Tapes50m - 165ft Long TapesBench Counter MeasuresBrick Jointers & RakersBrick Trowels - London PatternBrick Trowels - Philadelphia PatternBucket TrowelsCement EdgersCorner TrowelsDoor & Board LiftersDrywall & Pole SandersFlooring TrowelsGauging TrowelsGroover TrowelsHarling TrowelsHawksMarking GaugesMidget & Margin TrowelsMultitoolsPlasterers & Finishing TrowelsPointing TrowelsRules - Wooden & Plastic FoldingSmall ToolsTaping & Joint KnivesTexture Brushes & ScratchersTile Setting TrowelsTiling, Mastic & Adhesive TrowelsTry & Mitre SquaresWindow - Tuck Pointers