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No matter what trade you are in or whether you are a DIY user doing tasks around the home, at some point there will be a need for a tape measure. The use of tape measures dates back to Roman times when strips of leather were used to mark out, much like a ruler is used today. The tape measure design we know today dates back to around 1920, this is when the first patents were issued for spring tape measures. The first mass produced tape measures are said to have been sold between 1922 and 1926 by a company in New Hampshire. This design was later sold to the company we know today as Stanley. The range of measuring tools that Toolbank offers is constantly expanding, with different variations of design being produced on a constant basis. Whether it is a tiny 2m pocket tape, a huge 100m Tape or a Failed to find Product, Toolbank have you covered.

When choosing a Pocket Tape the first thing to look for is what length you will require, Toolbank offer 2, 3, 5, 8 and 10 metre tapes. A good quality tape should have a hardened and tempered blade which is concaved for rigidity, they are normally 13mm, however 19 and 25mm are also available for when overhead measuring is required so the blade can be extended unsupported. To ensure that the measurement starts at zero, a moveable hook-end should be fitted. This should move to compensate exactly for its own thickness so that when taking end-on or hook-on measurements, the reading starts from true zero.


Toolbank also offer a large range of Long tapes, these come in sizes; 10, 15, 20, 30, 50 and 100 metre tapes. These tapes come with two different blades, either fibreglass or steel. Fibreglass tapes are ideal for general purpose use and they are especially useful on muddy sites where the tape can be trodden on or twisted. These tapes can also be used underwater. Steel tapes are used when the degree of accuracy is incredibly important. They should have virtually indestructible markings, meaning they will never wear and should always give a true value. The bestselling width of long tape is 10mm wide but the 13mm wide steel tapes are more robust. Steel and fibreglass tapes are available in a variety of metal, leather and plastic cases or open winders. PVC bonded steel cases are the most popular, while the standard case is much more compact some tapes are also supplied with open winders.

This form of winder allows the tape to be immersed in a bucket of water when it has been used in wet and muddy conditions.


Rules are a hugely important tool for marking and measuring. We offer rulers in a variety of materials, dependant on where they are to be used; Aluminium, Chrome, Rustless, Stainless Steel and Wooden. All of these are available in 6, 12 and 24 inch. We also offer a range of Safety rules so called because of their M shape which keeps the fingers away from the workpiece whilst cutting. We also have a range of 1M wooden rules.

Toolbank also stock a range of more specialised measuring products, such as; Surveyors rods, which are wooden folding rulers used by surveyors and are ideal for working in confined areas or when working one handed. Measuring Rods are generally for use with laser measures. However they are graduated so can be used as a standalone rule. Line of chords are very useful rulers as not only do they have a graduated scale, they are also hinged so that they can measure angles. Measuring wheels are extremely useful when measuring over long distances, they measure an infinite distance (With a few calculations if over 1000m), and are capable of measuring in both directions (add going forwards and subtract when going backwards).

MW40M Counter Measuring Wheel
Stanley Intelli Tools
MW20M Counter Measuring Wheel
Stanley Intelli Tools
DMW30 Digital Measuring Wheel
Stanley Intelli Tools