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Drills are very versatile tools which will be used in any number of jobs around the home and in a professional environment. They are capable of drilling new holes, boring old holes, fastening together two pieces of material and de-burring holes, all with the relevant attachment for the job. All drills will use a chuck to hold the drill bits in the machine, and there are various types of chuck for different types of drill and bit required.

The most common type of chuck is the 3 jaw, and these are available as keyed or keyless. The keyed has a knurled collar which simultaneously tightens the 3 jaws when the key is turned. The keyless works on the same principle but the top of the chuck rotates which tightens the 3 jaws.

Keyed Keyless

There are also SDS plus and SDS max chucks, which are very similar to one another, with the only difference being the size of the shank. They are designed with a notch in the shank which clips into the chuck to ensure that the drill bit stays tight in the chuck when used in hammer mode.

Cordless powertools are extremely popular due the convenience of not having to worry about running a long power cable to get to awkward tasks. The most common are with 18 Volt batteries. However, Toolbank also offers machines with 10.8, 12, 24, 28 and 36 volt batteries. Although the higher powered batteries offer more power to the tool and a longer runtime, the lower powered will charge a lot quicker and also be a lot lighter. The 18 Volt battery sits in the middle of the range, offering good power and runtime coupled with a low charge time.

Toolbank offers different types of drills which are designed to do different tasks:

Combi Hammers are versatile drills which have a specially designed clutch that allows it to not only spin the drill bit, but also to punch it in and out. The actual distance the bit travels in and out and the force of its blow are both very small, but the hammering action is very rapid, thousands of Blows per Minute (BPM) or Impacts per minute (IPM).

SDS drills are very similar, but instead of having a special clutch they have pistons which deliver a more powerful punch than the standard hammer drill. SDS Drills also operate in either 2 or 3 modes; machines with 2 modes offer Rotary Action (Impact Stop) or Hammer Action, whilst 3 mode machines offer both these plus a Rotation Stop function which switches off the Rotary Action and leaves just the Hammer Action. The hammer action allows the drill to be used as a breaker or demolition hammer with a suitable chisel bit. SDS Max machines are used in heavier-duty and larger applications and operate in 1 of 2 Modes only - Rotary Hammer or Rotation Stop.

Drill drivers only offer a rotary mode and are mainly used for screwdriving and for drilling smaller holes.

Angle Drills - Cordless Angled Drills] are very useful for tradesman such as plumbers and electricians where there is a high amount of screwdriving required in awkward positions.

For the tradesman who needs more than one powertool frequently, Toolbank offer a huge range of Cordless Kits. All of these are supplied with a minimum of 1 battery and charger and come in a handy portable carry case.

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DCH334X2 Brushless Q/C Chuck SDS Plus Hammer 54 Volt 2 x 9.0/3.0Ah Li-Ion
2 DCH481 XR FlexVolt SDS Max Hammer
From £619.99
DT71517T-QZ Right Angle Torsion Drill Attachment
BT-CD18 Drill Driver 18 Volt 1 x 1.3Ah NiCd
TC-CD 18-2 LI-I Cordless Impact Drill 18 Volt 2 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion
TC-CD 18-2 Li Drill Driver 18 Volt 1.5Ah Li-Ion
TE-CD 12Li Cordless Drill Driver 12 Volt 2 x 1.3Ah Li-Ion
TE-CD 18/2 LI Power X-Change Cordless Combi Drill 18 Volt 2 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion
2 TE-CD 18Li-i BL Power X-Change Hammer Drill
From £95.58
TE-CD 18LI Power X-Change Cordless Combi Drill 18 Volt 1 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion
TE-CD 18LIN Power X-Change Cordless Drill Driver 18 Volt Bare Unit
TE-HD 18 Li Cordless Rotary Hammer Kit 18 Volt 1 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion
DH18DSL/L4 SDS-Plus Hammer Drill 18 Volt Bare Unit
DH24DVC SDS Plus Hammer Drill 3 Mode 24 Volt 2 x 2.0Ah NiMH
DH25DAL SDS Plus Hammer Drill 25.2 Volt 2 x 2.0Ah Li-Ion
DN18DSL/L4 Angle Drill 18 Volt Bare Unit
1 DS18DBL Brushless Drill Driver
From £179.99
DS18DSDL Drill Driver 18 Volt 2 x 5.0Ah Li-Ion
DV18DBFL2 Combi Drill 18 Volt 2 x 3.0Ah Li-Ion
DV18DBL4 Cordless Brushless Combi Drill18 Volt Bare Unit
DV18DGL Combi Drill 18 Volt 2 x 2.5Ah Li-Ion
2 DV18 DSDL18 Volt Combi Drills
From £169.99
2 C12 RAD-202C Compact Right Angle Drill
From £144.99
C18 RAD-0 Right Angle Drill Driver 18 Volt Bare Unit
2 M18 HD18 HX-402 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer
From £329.99