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There are a number of different styles of sanders available, each designed to remove material and smooth wood using sandpaper on a base which have either a circular motion, Orbital Sanders or where the sandpaper rotates, Belt Sanders.

The most common sander is the Orbital sander, which is often referred to as a finishing sanders. They operate with a small circular motion to create a smooth finish when used correctly, they work best when only slight pressure is used.

They are available in three different sizes, 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 sheet. (sizes in relation to a standard sanding sheet which is 230 x 280mm)

1/4 sheet sanders are also know as Palm Sanders and are ideal for one handed use and for using in confined areas. (Replacement Sheet Size 140 x 115mm)

1/3 sheet sanders are ideal for most sanding jobs around the home and are easy to handle. (Replacement Sheet Size 93 x 230mm)

1/2 sheet sanders are aimed at trade applications where the larger pad size means quicker work. (Replacement Sheet Size 115 x 280mm)


Random orbital sanders combine the benefits of orbital and belt sanders and use Failed to find Class or Failed to find Class , they are also known as Dual Action or D.A. sanders (Replacement Pads are available) They have a sanding pad that oscillate at high speed and also rotates, the random part simply means that the sander can be moved in any direction without causing damage to the surface. These elements ensures that same sanding pattern is not repeated over the sanding area, as such can produce fine finishes, even on contoured surfaces. These sanders are versatile enough to tackle paint and rust removal, and polishing, with the right accessories. It can work along and across the grain making it an ideal finishing sander.

Belt sanders (so named as they use a continuous sanding belt) are versatile machines capable of dealing with the roughest of surfaces have a very aggressive action on wood and are normally used only for the beginning stages of the sanding process, or used to rapidly remove material. They are ideal for stripping wood, floorboards, other preparation work and cleaning up glued panels. Unlike any other sander the belt sander 'cuts' in one direction only which means it can be used parallel to the grain of the work piece minimising any cross grain damage. Variable speed option makes a belt sander more versatile and less likely to damage delicate surfaces, sanding at a lower speed removes less material and creates less heat so finished such as paint and varnish are less likely to meal and fuse with the belt as they are being removed. A wide range of belts are available

Detail Sanders, also known as Mouse , Delta or Corner sanders ,are small and lightweight sanders designed for light use in areas that other sanders are not able to reach. They usually have a small pointed sanding area that is great for getting right into corners or sanding around irregular shapes. Many are supplied with multiple attachments for different applications.  Basically they are a small version of an Orbital Sander.

Rotary & Disc Sanders are very similar to angle grinders but operate at much lower speeds, they use circular sandpaper that is rotated at high speed. The rubber pad that the sandpaper is clamped to is designed to flex slightly when pressure is applied.  These machines can also be used for polishing and grinding with correct attachments. Scuffing and swirl marks are common when using these styles of sanders which means that another style of sanding is required to give a smooth finish.

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KA161BC Mouse Detail Sander & Sanding Sheets 55 Watt 240 Volt
Black & Decker
KA198 Random Orbital Sander 125mm 260 Watt 240 Volt
Black & Decker
KA199 Paddle Switch Random Orbital Sander 240 Watt 240 Volt
Black & Decker
KA2000 Mouse Sander 120 Watt 240 Volt
Black & Decker
KA2500K-GB Compact Mouse Sander 120 Watt 240 Volt
Black & Decker
KA300 1/3 Sheet Orbital Sander 135 Watt 240 Volt
Black & Decker
KA310 1/3 Sheet Orbital Sander 240 Watt 240 Volt
Black & Decker
KA320EKA 1/3rd Sheet Variable Speed Orbital Sander 240 Watt 240 Volt
Black & Decker
KA450 1/4 Sheet Paddle Switch Orbital Sander 240 Volt 220 Watt
Black & Decker
KA86 75mm Belt Sander 720 Watt 240 Volt
Black & Decker
KA900E Powerfileâ„¢ Belt Sander 350 Watt 240 Volt
Black & Decker
2 D26410 Random Orbital Sanders 150mm
From £237.99
2 D26421 Non-Electronic Orbital Sanders 1/2 Sheet
From £246.99
D26430 Detail Sander 300 Watt 230 Volt
2 D26441 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander 230 Watt
From £99.99
1 D26480 Compact Belt Sanders
From £259.99
2 DWE6411 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander 230 Watt
From £66.99
2 DWE6423 125mm Random Orbit Sander 280 Watt
From £126.99
2 DWP352VS 75mm Belt Sander
From £254.99
2 DWP849X Variable Speed Polishers
From £192.99
BT-BS8501E 75mm Belt Sander 850 Watt
BT-DS180 Delta Sander 180 Watt 240 Volt
BT-RS-420E 125mm Random Orbital Sander 420 Watt 240 Volt
TE- BS 8540E Variable Speed Belt Sander 850 Watt 240 Volt
RT-OS 30 1/2 Sheet Orbital Sander with Dust Box 300 Watt 240 Volt