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Security Chains & Bike Locks

Padlocks, Door Locks & SecuritySecurity Chains & Bike Locks

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G4 High Security Chain 1.2m x 10mm
Henry Squire
G3 Round Section Hard Boron Alloy Chain 90cm x 10mm
Henry Squire
Mixed Color Keyed Armoured Cable 1m x 18mm
Master Lock
J3 Round Section Hard Boron Alloy Chain 90cm x 8mm
Henry Squire
2 1950/120 Recoil Keyed Cable Lock 7mm x 120cm
ABUS Mechanical
From £12.40
Garden Security Kit with Lock Anchor & Cable 4.5m
Master Lock
950/100 Steel-O-Flex Cable Lock 100cm x 25mm
ABUS Mechanical
Street Cuffs® Cycle Lock
Master Lock
2 High Security U-Bars with Cables
Master Lock
From £45.48
3 585/75 uGrip Soft Grip Cloth Cover Chain
ABUS Mechanical
From £31.30
Black Braided Steel Keyed Cable 1.8m x 10mm
Master Lock
1 560/65 uGrip Soft Grip Cable Lock
ABUS Mechanical
From £20.86
Combi Computer Cable Lock 1.8m x 5mm
Master Lock
CRITERION™ High Security Chain with Mini U-Bar 90cm x 10mm
Master Lock