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Master Precision Class 1 Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)

The Advent Master Precision Tape has an ergonomically designed bevel case for maximum comfort, and a finger groove design that allows for a perfect fit in the hand. It has a unique solid rubber label and a patented rubber magnetic end hook designed to grab arc surfaces. This tape also has a side blade pause button and a self-aligning end hook for internal and external measurements.

Technical Specs

Length: 5m / 16ft.
Blade Width: 25mm.
Accuracy: EC Class I.

Price £10.74
Delivery Status: Will be despatched today
brandlogo Code: ADVAMP5025
Stock: Will be despatched today

Box Content

1 x Advent Master Precision Class 1 Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)

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MTB Auto Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
BAHMTB525E Bahco
Metric/Imperial 25mm £21.02
MTB Reversible Magnetic Tip Auto Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
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MTS Auto Tape Reversible Magnetic Tip 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
BAHMTS525E Bahco
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Master Precision Class 1 Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
ADVAMP5025 Advent
Metric/Imperial 25mm £10.74
2-In-1 Double Sided Gap Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
ADVAGT5025 Advent
Metric/Imperial 25mm £10.74
Vice Versa Dual Read Pocket Tape 5m (Width 25mm)
ADV45025VV Advent
Metric 25mm £10.74
Easy Read Magnetic Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 17mm)
B/S33004 BlueSpot Tools
Metric/Imperial 17mm £3.66
Auto-Lock Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
FAITM525N Faithfull
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Auto-Lock Tape 5m (Width 25mm)
FAITM525MN Faithfull
Metric 25mm £7.42
Anniversary Tape 5m (Width 19mm)
FAITM5ANV Faithfull
Metric 19mm £6.06
PR5M PR Pocket Tape 5m (Width 19mm)
Metric 19mm £14.77
PR5ME PR Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
Metric/Imperial 19mm £14.77
AP5ME A1 Plus Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
Metric/Imperial 19mm £6.60
AW5ME A1 Plus Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
Metric/Imperial 25mm £8.66
BT5M Big T Tape 5m (Width 19mm)
Metric 19mm £15.86
BT5ME Big T Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
Metric/Imperial 19mm £15.86
UM5M Uni-Matic II Tape 5m (Width 16mm)
Metric 16mm £8.99
UM5ME Uni-Matic II Tape 5m/16ft (Width 16mm)
Metric/Imperial 16mm £8.99
TL5M Tri-lok Tape 5m (Width 19mm)
Metric 19mm £11.58
TL5ME Tri-lok Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
Metric/Imperial 19mm £11.58
TV5M Tri-lok Tape 5m (Width 25mm)
Metric 25mm £13.46
TV5ME Tri-lok Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
Metric/Imperial 25mm £13.46
TMC5M Chrome Tri-matic Tape 5m (Width 19mm)
Metric 19mm £13.76
TMC5ME Chrome Tri-matic Tape 5m / 16ft (Width 19mm)
Metric/Imperial 19mm £13.76
TKC5ME Tuf-lok Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
Metric/Imperial 19mm £6.72
PZC5ME Pro Flex Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
Metric/Imperial 19mm £6.43
Standard Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm) Carded
IRW10507788 IRWIN
Metric/Imperial 19mm £5.78
Professional Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm) Carded
IRW10507794 IRWIN
Metric/Imperial 19mm £14.80
Professional Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm) Loose
IRW10508062 IRWIN
Metric/Imperial 19mm £14.34
XP Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
IRW10507800 IRWIN
Metric/Imperial 25mm £20.60
Superior ProErgo-R Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
KOMPER516E Komelon
Metric/Imperial 19mm £10.68
PowerBlade Tape 5m/16ft (Width 27mm)
KOMMPT516E Komelon
Metric/Imperial 27mm £17.88
PowerBlade Tape 5m (Width 27mm)
KOMMPT516M Komelon
Metric 27mm £17.88
PowerBlade Tape 5m/16ft (Width 27mm) & Pencils
KOMMPT516SP Komelon
Metric/Imperial 27mm £17.88
Self Lock Evolution Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
KOMPSE516E Komelon
Metric/Imperial 25mm £14.99
Inox Stainless Steel Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
KOMIR516E Komelon
Metric/Imperial 19mm £20.28
YU835CME Unilok Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
LUFYU835 Lufkin
Metric/Imperial 19mm £13.99
Contractor Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 27mm)
MIL48225616 Milwaukee
Metric/Imperial 27mm £23.32
C5-16/25 Silver Compact Line Tape Measure 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
MIL932451641 Milwaukee
Metric/Imperial 25mm £11.99
Premium Magnetic Tape Measure 5m/16ft (Width 27mm)
MIL48227216 Milwaukee
Metric/Imperial 27mm £23.99
Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
ROU43205 Roughneck
Metric/Imperial 25mm £12.46
Grip Tape 5m/16ft Blade (Width 28mm)
STA033568 Stanley Tools
Metric/Imperial 28mm £17.77
Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
STA030496 Stanley Tools
Metric/Imperial 19mm £6.42
2 Tylon™ Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm) Carded
STA030696N Stanley Tools
Metric/Imperial 19mm From £6.29
2 Tylon™ Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm) Loose
STA130696N Stanley Tools
Metric/Imperial 19mm From £6.29
FatMax® Autolock Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 32mm)
STA033503 Stanley Tools
Metric/Imperial 32mm £31.04
FatMax® Autolock Pocket Tape 5m (Width 32mm)
STA033671 Stanley Tools
Metric 32mm £31.04
PowerLock® Top Reader Tape 5m (Width 19mm)
STA033932 Stanley Tools
Metric 19mm £18.16
PowerLock® Classic Tape 5m (Width 19mm)
STA033552 Stanley Tools
Metric 19mm £13.21
PowerLock® Classic Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
STA033553 Stanley Tools
Metric/Imperial 19mm £13.21
Leverlock Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
STA530815 Stanley Tools
Metric/Imperial 19mm £9.83
FatMax® BladeArmor™ Tape 5m (Width 32mm)
STA033720 Stanley Tools
Metric 32mm £21.16
FatMax® BladeArmor™ Tape 5m/16ft (Width 32mm)
STA033719 Stanley Tools
Metric/Imperial 32mm £21.16
FatMax® Magnetic BladeArmor™ Tape 5m (Width 31.7mm)
STA033864 Stanley Tools
Metric 31.7mm £23.27
FatMax® Pocket Tape 5m (Width 32mm)
STA033887 Stanley Tools
Metric 32mm £25.86
FatMax® Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 32mm)
STA533886 Stanley Tools
Metric/Imperial 32mm £25.86
Dual Lock Tylon™ Pocket Tape 5m (Width 19mm)
STA036803 Stanley Tools
Metric 19mm £9.99
Dual Lock Tylon™ Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)
STA036806 Stanley Tools
Metric/Imperial 19mm £9.99
Tylon™ Pocket Tapes Twin Pack 5m/16ft + 8m/26ft
STA998985 Stanley Tools
Metric/Imperial 32mm £19.26
BM40 Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)
STBBM405 Stabila
Metric/Imperial 25mm £14.64

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