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NW4820N Wet & Dry Dustbuster® 8W 4.8V

The Black & Decker NW4820N Dustbuster is a cordless hand vac that is ideal for easy cleaning of both wet and dry spills. Because the vacuum can be used with liquids, it is ideal for using in humid areas, such as bathrooms or kitchens. It is also ideal for vacuuming up spilt drinks.

The lightweight, cordless technology provides 'grab & go' convenience. The quick release bowl feature saves time and makes it easy to tip out liquids or debris. The bowl is translucent and bagless so that it is easy to see the dirt and know when the Dustbuster needs emptying. It is removable, washable and has filters that allow for a thorough, hygienic clean.

It has an ergonomic design for comfortable use and a wide mouth design that means it can effortlessly scoop up large debris, such as pet foods and cereals. Supplied with a charging base that can be placed on a counter top or attached to the wall.


Input Power: 8 Watt.
Suction Pressure: 293mm/Water.
Airflow: 863 l/min.
Dust Bowl Capacity: 175ml.
Run Time: 7.5 mins.
First Time Charge: 16 Hours.

Technical Specs

Input Power: 8 Watt. 
Suction Pressure: 293mm/Water.
Airflow: 863 l/min.
Dust Bowl Capacity: 175ml.
Run Time: 7.5 mins.
First Time Charge: 16 Hours.

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This product has a WEEE code of W22 associated with it, for more information on recycling and weee please view this.

Box Content

1 x Black & Decker NW4820N Wet & Dry Dustbuster® 8 Watt 4.8 Volt

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