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Circular Saw Blades 184mm

Black and Decker Circular saw blade with tungsten carbide inserts on the tooth tips for increased wear resistance. These retain their cutting performance for a much greater period.

Blades with a small number of teeth are used for rip cutting, those with a large number are for cross-cutting.

Diameter: 184mm.
Bore: 16mm.

Size. 184 diam x 16 Bore mm x 12 Teeth TCT/HM
Brand fitments include: Black and Decker, JCB, Performance Power, Peugot, Powerbase, Skil.

Price is for individual model shown.
B/DX13020: £35.20
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brandlogo Code: B/DX13020
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Box Content

1 x Black & Decker Circular Saw Blade Rip 184 x 16 x 12t

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Name Diameter x Bore Tooth Count Grind Rake Price
Circular Saw Blade 184 x 16mm x 12T Fast Rip
B/DX13020 Black & Decker
184 x 16mm 12 £35.20
Circular Saw Blade 184 x 16mm x 40T Fine Cross Cut
B/DX13025 Black & Decker
184 x 16mm 40 £52.81

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