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3/8in Drive Extra Long Hex Ball Socket Bit Set, 7 Piece

This BlueSpot 3/8in Drive Ball Ended Socket Bit Set contains 7 hex bit sockets which are manufactured from chrome vanadium steel. They have extra long (110mm) shafts, making them ideal for hard to reach areas that conventional bits cannot reach. Their ball ended tips provide a tighter fit and a secure hold.

The set contains the following sizes:
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10mm

Price £14.99
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Box Content

7 x BlueSpot Ball Ended Socket Bits:
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10mm.

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BRIE031807B Expert
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FAISOC3825M Faithfull
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Metric 8-17mm 6 £88.04
3/8in Drive Metric Socket Detection Box 18 Piece
Metric 8-22mm 14 £341.88
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Metric 8-22mm 14 £275.82
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Metric Bi-Hex 8-22mm 14 £275.82
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3/8in Ratcheting Socket Set Metric & Imperial, 56 Piece
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Metric & Imperial Hex 6-19mm, 1/4-1in 53 £233.59
FatMax® Rotator Socket Set of 9 Metric 3/8 Drive
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Metric 10-19mm 8 £47.22
Socket Rack of 8 Sockets + Ratchet Metric 3/8in Drive
STA094609 Stanley Tools
Metric 8-19mm 8 £47.22
T3835AF Socket Set of 35 A/F 3/8in Drive
TENT3835AF Teng
Imperial 5/16-7/8AF 18 £129.50
T3839 Socket Set of 39 Metric 3/8in Drive
TENT3839 Teng
Metric 8-22mm 22 £113.18
M3812N1 Basic Socket Set of 12 3/8in Drive
TENM3812N1 Teng
Metric 8-19mm 10 £54.62
T3834 Socket & Bit Set of 34 Metric 3/8in Drive
TENT3834 Teng
Metric 8-19mm 9 £70.94
T3848 Socket & Tool Set of 48 Metric & AF 3/8in Drive
TENT3848 Teng
Metric & Imperial 8-21mm 15 £359.90
T3867 Tool Set of 67 3/8in Drive
TENT3867 Teng
Metric 8-22mm 14 £259.99
M3816 Socket Clip Rail Set of 16 Metric 3/8in Drive
TENM3816 Teng
Metric 7-22mm 16 £49.82
M3807 Socket Clip Rail Set of 7 Metric 3/8in Drive
TENM3807 Teng
Metric 10-19mm 7 £31.58
M3811 Socket Clip Rail AF Hex Set of 8 3/8in Drive
TENM3811 Teng
Imperial Hex 3/32-3/8 AF 8 £44.64
M3812 Socket Clip Rail Hex Socket Metric 3/8in Drive
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Metric Hex 3-12mm £44.64
M3813TX Socket Clip Rail Set of 9 External TORX 3/8in Drive
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Torx TX10-TX50 9 £44.64
Zyklop Metal-Switch Slim Ratchet & Socket Set of 29 Metric 3/8in Drive
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Zyklop Metal-Push Ratchet & Socket Set of 29 Metric 3/8in Drive
WER004047 Wera
Metric 8-19mm 9 £135.80
Zyklop Socket Set of 43 Top 3/8in Drive
WER003594 Wera
Metric 6-24mm 18 £284.70
8100 SB 6 Zyklop Speed Ratchet Metric Set 3/8in Drive
WER004046 Wera
Metric 8-19mm 9 £152.75

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