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3/8in Drive Socket Set on Rail Metric, 8 Piece

BlueSpot 3/8in Drive Metric Socket Set is manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for increased durability. Knurled sockets provide a secure grip. The sockets are mounted on a steel rail for convenient storage and easy identification. Contains:

8 x 3/8in Hex Sockets: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 and 19mm

Price £10.30
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Box Content

1 x BlueSpot Tools 3/8in Drive Socket Set on Rail, Metric - 8 Piece

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Name Set Type Socket Type Range No. Sockets Price
S380 Socket Set of 38 Metric 3/8in Drive
BAHS380 Bahco
Metric 6-22mm, 1/4-7/8in 29 £163.64
SL34 3/8in Drive Socket & Mech Set of 34 Metric
BAHSL34 Bahco
Metric 10-22mm 14 £117.53
Socket Set of 12 Metric 3/8in Drive
B/S01502 BlueSpot Tools
Metric 10-22mm 10 £31.16
3/8in Drive Extra Long Hex Ball Socket Bit Set, 7 Piece
B/S01510 BlueSpot Tools
Metric 3-10mm 7 £14.99
3/8in Drive Extra Long Spline Socket Bit Set, 7 Piece
B/S01512 BlueSpot Tools
M4-M10 7 £15.19
Extra Long 3/8in Square Drive TORX Bit Sockets 7 Piece
B/S01514 BlueSpot Tools
Torx TX25-TX60 7 £15.23
Extra Long 3/8in Square Drive Hex Bit Sockets 7Piece
B/S01516 BlueSpot Tools
Hex 3-10mm 7 £15.34
3/8in Drive Socket Set on Rail Metric, 8 Piece
B/S01524 BlueSpot Tools
Metric Hex 10-19mm 8 £10.30
Deep Socket Set of 13 Metric 3/8in Square Drive
B/S01542 BlueSpot Tools
Metric 6-19mm 13 £25.10
Deep Socket Set of 15 Metric 3/8in Drive
BRIE031804B Expert
Metric 7-22mm 15 £58.42
Socket & Accessory Set of 22 Metric 3/8in Drive
BRIE031805B Expert
Metric 6-24mm 17 £100.39
Socket & Accessory Set of 61 Metic 3/8in Drive
BRIE031806B Expert
Metric 6-24mm 36 £185.88
Socket Set of 13 A/F 3/8in Drive
BRIE031803B Expert
Imperial 1/4-1in 13 £34.69
Socket Set of TORX 4 3/8in Drive
BRIE031807B Expert
Torx TX40-TX55 4 £29.95
Socket Set of 25 Metric 3/8in Square Drive
FAISOC3825M Faithfull
Metric 6-24mm 18 £92.69
J.360 Rotator Ratchet Set of 7 Metric
Metric 8-17mm 6 £88.04
3/8in Drive Metric Socket Detection Box 18 Piece
Metric 8-22mm 14 £341.88
Square Drive 6pt Detection Box Socket Set
Metric 8-22mm 14 £275.82
12 Point Socket Set 3/8in Drive
Metric Bi-Hex 8-22mm 14 £275.82
3/8in Ratcheting Socket Set Metric, 32 Piece
MHT932464945 Milwaukee Hand Tools
Metric Hex 6-19mm 28 £181.68
3/8in Ratcheting Socket Set Metric & Imperial, 56 Piece
MHT932464946 Milwaukee Hand Tools
Metric & Imperial Hex 6-19mm, 1/4-1in 53 £233.59
FatMax® Rotator Socket Set of 9 Metric 3/8 Drive
STA094606 Stanley Tools
Metric 10-19mm 8 £47.22
Socket Rack of 8 Sockets + Ratchet Metric 3/8in Drive
STA094609 Stanley Tools
Metric 8-19mm 8 £47.22
T3835AF Socket Set of 35 A/F 3/8in Drive
TENT3835AF Teng
Imperial 5/16-7/8AF 18 £129.50
T3839 Socket Set of 39 Metric 3/8in Drive
TENT3839 Teng
Metric 8-22mm 22 £113.18
M3812N1 Basic Socket Set of 12 3/8in Drive
TENM3812N1 Teng
Metric 8-19mm 10 £54.62
T3834 Socket & Bit Set of 34 Metric 3/8in Drive
TENT3834 Teng
Metric 8-19mm 9 £70.94
T3848 Socket & Tool Set of 48 Metric & AF 3/8in Drive
TENT3848 Teng
Metric & Imperial 8-21mm 15 £359.90
T3867 Tool Set of 67 3/8in Drive
TENT3867 Teng
Metric 8-22mm 14 £259.99
M3816 Socket Clip Rail Set of 16 Metric 3/8in Drive
TENM3816 Teng
Metric 7-22mm 16 £49.82
M3807 Socket Clip Rail Set of 7 Metric 3/8in Drive
TENM3807 Teng
Metric 10-19mm 7 £31.58
M3811 Socket Clip Rail AF Hex Set of 8 3/8in Drive
TENM3811 Teng
Imperial Hex 3/32-3/8 AF 8 £44.64
M3812 Socket Clip Rail Hex Socket Metric 3/8in Drive
TENM3812 Teng
Metric Hex 3-12mm £44.64
M3813TX Socket Clip Rail Set of 9 External TORX 3/8in Drive
TENM3813TX Teng
Torx TX10-TX50 9 £44.64
Zyklop Metal-Switch Slim Ratchet & Socket Set of 29 Metric 3/8in Drive
WER004048 Wera
Metric 8-19mm 9 £117.40
Zyklop Metal-Push Ratchet & Socket Set of 29 Metric 3/8in Drive
WER004047 Wera
Metric 8-19mm 9 £135.80
Zyklop Socket Set of 43 Top 3/8in Drive
WER003594 Wera
Metric 6-24mm 18 £284.70
8100 SB 6 Zyklop Speed Ratchet Metric Set 3/8in Drive
WER004046 Wera
Metric 8-19mm 9 £152.75

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