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Nail Punch Set of 3

3 piece nail punch set manufactured from heat treated, finished alloy steel, with a knurled body for a sure grip. Sets nails and brads for a smooth finish.

Sizes: 1/32in, 1/16in and 3/32in.

Price £2.64
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Box Content

1 x BlueSpot Tools 3Pc Nail Punch Set

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Name Length Tip Price
4 Nail Punch 2.0mm (5/64in)
BAHNP564 Bahco
125mm (5in) 2.0mm From £4.15
4 Nail Punch 2.5mm (3/32in)
BAHNP332 Bahco
125mm (5in) 2.5mm From £4.15
4 Nail Punch 3.2mm (1/8in)
BAHNP18 Bahco
125mm (5in) 3.2mm From £4.15
4 Nail Punch 4.0mm (5/32in)
BAHNP532 Bahco
125mm (5in) 4.0mm From £4.15
Nail Punch Set of 3
B/S22445 BlueSpot Tools
Set £2.64
5 Nail Punch 1.6mm (1/16in) - Square Head
FAINP116SH Faithfull
100mm (4in) 1.6mm From £3.08
5 Nail Punch 2.4mm (3/32in) - Square Head
FAINP332SH Faithfull
100mm (4in) 2.4mm From £3.08
5 Nail Punch 3.2mm (1/8in) - Square Head
FAINP18SH Faithfull
100mm (4in) 3.2mm From £3.08
5 Nail Punch 4mm (5/32in) - Square Head
FAINP532SH Faithfull
100mm (4in) 4.0mm From £3.08
5 Nail Punch 4.8mm (3/16in) - Square Head
FAINP316SH Faithfull
100mm (4in) 4.8mm From £3.08
7 66 Nail Punch 1/32in
PRI66132 Priory
100mm (4in) 1/32 in From £3.54
7 66 Nail Punch 1/16in
PRI66116 Priory
100mm (4in) 1/16 in From £3.54
7 66 Nail Punch 3/32in
PRI66332 Priory
100mm (4in) 3/32 in From £3.54
7 66 Nail Punch 1/8in
PRI6618 Priory
100mm (4in) 1/8 in From £3.54
7 66 Nail Punch 5/32in
PRI66532 Priory
100mm (4in) 5/32 in From £3.54
7 66 Nail Punch 3/16in
PRI66316 Priory
100mm (4in) 3/16 in From £3.54
7 66SN4 Set of 4 Nail Punches in Wallet
PRI66SET4 Priory
100mm (4in) Set From £3.54
Nail Punch Set 3 Piece
ROU31177 Roughneck
Set £8.05
4 DynaGrip Nail Punch 0.8mm 1/32in
STA058911 Stanley Tools
125mm (5in) 0.8mm From £5.47
4 DynaGrip Nail Punch 1.6mm 1/16in
STA058912 Stanley Tools
125mm (5in) 1.6mm From £5.47
4 DynaGrip Nail Punch 2.4mm 3/32in
STA058913 Stanley Tools
125mm (5in) 2.4mm From £5.47
4 DynaGrip Nail Punch - Set of 3 - 0.8mm, 1.6mm & 2.4mm
STA058930 Stanley Tools
125mm (5in) Set From £5.47

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