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DW075PK Self-Levelling Horizontal & Vertical Rotary Laser

DEWALT DW075PK fully automatic horizontal and vertical rotary laser with a levelling accuracy of 0.2 mm /m. The protected rotary head has no blind spots and the weatherproof design deliver class-leading interior and exterior jobsite durability. Wireless (IR) remote control operated scan mode generates a line between two points for an extremely bright beam over long distances which can then be moved by the user leaving hands-free.

Remote control allows single person operation over long distances. Built-in beam splitting prism allows easy squaring applications. Wall mount allows the laser to be attached to a wall for drop ceiling installation. The digital detector facilitates accurate and easy exterior levelling over distance. Heavy-duty carrying case protects unit and helps maintain calibration in storage.

Applications include: Levelling foundations for building/extensions, levelling decking, levelling patios and driveways, aligning fencing, acoustical / drop ceilings, wall and partitions, curtain walls, and mechanical installation and alignment.

Supplied with: 1 x DW075 Transmitter, 1 x Laser Detector, 1 x Wall Mount, 1 x Red Laser Target Card, 1 x Red Laser Enhancement Glasses, 1 x Construction Tripod, 1 x Construction Grade Rod and 1 x Heavy-Duty Carrying Case.

Technical Specs

Accuracy:  ±0.2mm.
Self Levelling: ±5°.
Working Range: Indoor: 15m.
Detector Range: 100m.
Rotation Speed: 0/60/600/min. 
Laser Type: RED.
Input Power: 2 x D Cell Batteries.
Tripod Connection: 5/8in.

Price £899.99
Delivery Status: Please phone our free phone 0800 977 4242 if you require information regarding expected delivery dates
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Box Content

1 x DEWAT DW075 Transmitter
1 x Laser Detector
1 x Wall Mount
1 x Red Laser Target Card
1 x Red Laser Enhancement Glasses
1 x Construction Grade Rod
1 x Construction Tripod
1 x Heavy-Duty Carrying Case

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