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Brass Nozzle & Fittings Kit 4 Piece 12.5mm (1/2in)

The Faithfull Brass Nozzle & Fittings Kit contains the four most popular garden hose fittings in one kit and is a perfect starter set for a new hose or as an addition your garden watering accessories. Manufactured from high quality solid brass. Suitable for use with all 12.5mm (1/2in) bore hoses and compatible with all other UK water fittings.

Contains the following quick release, push fit fittings.

1 x 100mm (4in) Spray Nozzle, the spray pattern can be adjusted from a fine mist spray for delicate garden plants to a powerful jet for patio, decking or vehicle cleaning.

1 x Dual Tap Converter fits both 12.7mm (1/2in) and 19mm (3/4in) taps and allows the use of quick-release push-fit fittings for easy attachment and disconnection of hose pipes. ;

1 x Female Water Stop Hose Connector which automatically shuts off the water supply allowing watering accessories to be changed without turning off the water supply at source. ;

1 x Female Water Hose Connector allows the quick-release and push-fit of hose pipes to water outlets. ;

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Box Content

1 x 100mm (4in) Spray Nozzle
1 x Dual Tap Converter
1 x Female Water Stop Hose Connector
1 x Female Water Hose Connector

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