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Brickmate Tape 8m (Width 25mm)

The Fisco Brickmate tape provides an innovative way to set out dry bonds and accurately calculate brick and breeze block quantities.
The blade is marked with four scales:
1 Bricks
2 Blocks
3 Courses
4 Conventional metric scale

The 25 mm wide coated steel blade is housed in a tough ABS case and incorporates brake action, automatic blade return, self-zeroing end hook and belt clip.

Effective bump stop - for blade and end-hook protection.

Length: 8m.

Blade width: 25mm.

Technical Specs

Length: 8m
Blade width: 25mm.

Price £18.20
Delivery Status: Will be despatched today
brandlogo Code: FSCBMC08
Stock: Will be despatched today

Box Content

1 x Fisco CARDED Brickmate Tape 8m

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