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CC Steel Long Tape

The Fisco CC Steel Long Tape has a unique one hand grip which allows for optimal handling. Features both metric and imperial or metric only measurements on a white steel blade, that has been graduated using highly accurate ink jet printing and is protected by a matt polyester lacquer that also helps to reduce glare. It is also resistant to corrosion, and can withstand contact with moisture and the majority of solvents.

The tapes have a solid high impact case made from ABS plastic with a unique loop, a mouthpiece with anti-wear and a hole hanger for working at heights.

FSCCC30ME has a quick rewind function 3:1.

Made in Britain.

The Fisco CX50ME Steel Long Tape has both metric and imperial measurements.

Blade Length: 50m/165ft
Blade Width: 13mm
Accuracy: EC Class I


CX50ME Steel Long Tape 50m/165ft (Width 13mm) Class I

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Box Content

1 x Fisco CX50ME Steel Tape 50m/165ft (Width 13mm) Class I

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