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Quadro 4-in-1 Stripper Crimper

The Jokari Quadro 4-in-1 Stripper Crimper offers the unmatched integration of four different functions: cutting, insulation stripping, twisting and crimping. This means wires can be prepared quickly and without the need for switching between tools.

Makes light work of repetitive end-ferrule fitment, making light work of the installation of panel boards or during manufacturing where a large number of ferules are needed. The cutting and stripping blades are made from special tool steel, hardened and tempered for a long life – expected to last at least 50,000 actuations.

Bootlace ferrules are pre-loaded into the cartridge, up to 50 pieces at a time for fast and easy installation, the cartridge is quickly and easily removed for re-loading or switching between cable diameters. There is no adjustment necessary for all different cross-sections of the working range.

Range: Cross Sections From AWG 20–14 (0.5 to 2.5mm²).

The Jokari Quadro 4-in-1 Stripper Crimper Set contains the following:

1 x Quadro 4-in-1 Stripper Crimper.

3 x Ferrule Magazines.

50 x White Bootlace Ferrules (0.5mm).

50 x Grey Bootlace Ferrules (0.75mm).

50 x Red Bootlace Ferrules (1.0mm).

50 x Black Bootlace Ferrules (1.5mm).

40 x Blue Bootlace Ferrules (2.5mm).


Quadro 4-in-1 Stripper Crimper Set

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Box Content

1 x Quadro 4-in-1 Stripper Crimper
3 x Ferrule Magazines
50 x White Bootlace Ferrules (0.5mm⌀)
50 x Grey Bootlace Ferrules (0.75mm⌀)
50 x Red Bootlace Ferrules (1.0mm⌀)
50 x Black Bootlace Ferrules (1.5mm⌀)
40 x Blue Bootlace Ferrules (2.5mm⌀)

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