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Garden Paint

Ronseal Garden Paint has been designed to add colour to the whole garden, and not just on wood. It can also be used on other garden substrates such as metal (Primer may be needed), terracotta, brick and stone.

Garden paint adds colour, waterproofs, and improves water repellency. Its high solid content leads to a high film build and longer lasting protection. It is rainproof in 1 hour and will resist cracking and peeling.

Available in many colours.

1 x Ronseal Garden Paint Peacock 750ml

Technical Specs

Colour: Peacock.
Size: 750ml.

Price is for individual model shown.
RSLGPPC750: £9.99
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Box Content

1 x Ronseal Garden Paint Peacock 750ml

Other Products within the Group

Name Colour Size Finish Price
Garden Paint Beetroot 250ml
RSLGPBR250 Ronseal
Beetroot 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Beetroot 750ml
RSLGPBR750 Ronseal
Beetroot 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Beetroot 2.5 Litre
RSLGPBR25L Ronseal
Beetroot 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Black Bird 250ml
RSLGPBLKB250 Ronseal
Black Bird 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Black Bird 750ml
RSLGPBLKB750 Ronseal
Black Bird 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Black Bird 2.5 Litre
Black Bird 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Bluebell 250ml
RSLGPBLUB250 Ronseal
Bluebell 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Bluebell 750ml
RSLGPBLUB750 Ronseal
Bluebell 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Bluebell 2.5 Litre
Bluebell 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Bramble 250ml
RSLGPBRA250 Ronseal
Bramble 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Bramble 750ml
RSLGPBRA750 Ronseal
Bramble 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Bramble 2.5 Litre
Bramble 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Cool Breeze 250ml
RSLGPCDB250 Ronseal
Cool Breeze 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Cool Breeze 750ml
RSLGPCDB750 Ronseal
Cool Breeze 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Cool Breeze 2.5 Litre
Cool Breeze 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Cornflower 250ml
RSLGPCF250 Ronseal
Cornflower 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Cornflower 750ml
RSLGPCF750 Ronseal
Cornflower 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Cornflower 2.5 Litre
RSLGPCF25L Ronseal
Cornflower 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Daisy 250ml
RSLGPD250 Ronseal
Daisy 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Daisy 750ml
RSLGPD750 Ronseal
Daisy 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Daisy 2.5 Litre
RSLGPD25L Ronseal
Daisy 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Elderflower 250ml
RSLGPEF250 Ronseal
Elderflower 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Elderflower 750ml
RSLGPEF750 Ronseal
Elderflower 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Elderflower 2.5 Litre
RSLGPEF25L Ronseal
Elderflower 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint English Oak 250ml
RSLGPEO250 Ronseal
English Oak 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint English Oak 750ml
RSLGPEO750 Ronseal
English Oak 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint English Oak 2.5 Litre
RSLGPEO25L Ronseal
English Oak 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Lemon Tree 250ml
RSLGPLT250 Ronseal
Lemon Tree 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Lemon Tree 750ml
RSLGPLT750 Ronseal
Lemon Tree 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Lime Zest 250ml
RSLGPLZ250 Ronseal
Lime Zest 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Lime Zest 750ml
RSLGPLZ750 Ronseal
Lime Zest 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Lime Zest 2.5 Litre
RSLGPLZ25L Ronseal
Lime Zest 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Midnight Blue 250ml
RSLGPMB250 Ronseal
Midnight Blue 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Midnight Blue 750ml
RSLGPMB750 Ronseal
Midnight Blue 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Midnight Blue 2.5 Litre
RSLGPMB25L Ronseal
Midnight Blue 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Peacock 250ml
RSLGPPC250 Ronseal
Peacock 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Peacock 750ml
RSLGPPC750 Ronseal
Peacock 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Pink Jasmine 250ml
RSLGPPJ250 Ronseal
Pink Jasmine 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Pink Jasmine 750ml
RSLGPPJ750 Ronseal
Pink Jasmine 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Pink Jasmine 2.5 Litre
RSLGPPJ25L Ronseal
Pink Jasmine 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Purple Berry 250ml
RSLGPPB250 Ronseal
Purple Berry 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Purple Berry 750ml
RSLGPPB750 Ronseal
Purple Berry 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Purple Berry 2.5 Litre
RSLGPPB25L Ronseal
Purple Berry 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Sage 250ml
RSLGPSA250 Ronseal
Sage 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Sage 750ml
RSLGPSA750 Ronseal
Sage 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Sage 2.5 Litre
RSLGPSA25L Ronseal
Sage 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Sapling Green 250ml
RSLGPSG250 Ronseal
Sapling Green 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Sapling Green 750ml
RSLGPSG750 Ronseal
Sapling Green 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Sapling Green 2.5 Litre
RSLGPSG25L Ronseal
Sapling Green 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Slate 250ml
RSLGPSL250 Ronseal
Slate 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Slate 750ml
RSLGPSL750 Ronseal
Slate 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Slate 2.5 Litre
RSLGPSL25L Ronseal
Slate 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Summer Sky 250ml
RSLGPSS250 Ronseal
Summer Sky 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Summer Sky 750ml
RSLGPSS750 Ronseal
Summer Sky 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Summer Sky 2.5 Litre
RSLGPSS25L Ronseal
Summer Sky 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Sundial 250ml
RSLGPS250 Ronseal
Sundial 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Sundial 750ml
RSLGPS750 Ronseal
Sundial 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Terracotta 250ml
RSLGPT250 Ronseal
Terracotta 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Terracotta 750ml
RSLGPT750 Ronseal
Terracotta 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Terracotta 2.5 Litre
RSLGPT25L Ronseal
Terracotta 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Wellington Boot Green 250ml
RSLGPWB250 Ronseal
Wellington Boot Green 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Wellington Boot Green 750ml
RSLGPWB750 Ronseal
Wellington Boot Green 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Wellington Boot Green 2.5 Litre
RSLGPWB25L Ronseal
Wellington Boot Green 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint White Ash 250ml
RSLGPWA250 Ronseal
White Ash 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint White Ash 750ml
RSLGPWA750 Ronseal
Ash 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint White Ash 2.5 Litre
RSLGPWA25L Ronseal
Ash 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Willow 250ml
RSLGPW250 Ronseal
Willow 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Willow 750ml
RSLGPW750 Ronseal
Willow 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Willow 2.5 Litre
RSLGPW25L Ronseal
Willow 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Warm Stone 250ml
RSLGPWS250 Ronseal
Warm Stone 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Warm Stone 750ml
RSLGPWS750 Ronseal
Warm Stone 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Warm Stone 2.5 Litre
RSLGPWS25L Ronseal
Warm Stone 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Clover 250ml
RSLGPC250 Ronseal
Clover 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Clover 750ml
RSLGPC750 Ronseal
Clover 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Cherry Blossom 250ml
RSLGPCB250 Ronseal
Cherry Blossom 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Cherry Blossom 750ml
RSLGPCB750 Ronseal
Cherry Blossom 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Sunburst 250ml
RSLGPSB250 Ronseal
Sunburst 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Sunburst 750ml
RSLGPSB750 Ronseal
Sunburst 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Charcoal Grey 250ml
RSLGPCG250 Ronseal
Charcoal Grey 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Charcoal Grey 750ml
RSLGPCG750 Ronseal
Charcoal Grey 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Charcoal Grey 2.5 Litre
RSLGPCG25L Ronseal
Charcoal Grey 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Pebble 250ml
RSLGPP250 Ronseal
Pebble 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Pebble 750ml
RSLGPP750 Ronseal
Pebble 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Pebble 2.5 Litre
RSLGPP25L Ronseal
Pebble 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Mint 250ml
RSLGPM250 Ronseal
Mint 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Mint 750ml
RSLGPM750 Ronseal
Mint 750ml £9.99
Garden Paint Mint 2.5 Litre
RSLGPM25L Ronseal
Mint 2.5 Litre £21.30
Garden Paint Moroccan Red 250ml
RSLGPMR250 Ronseal
Moroccan Red 250ml £4.99
Garden Paint Moroccan Red 750ml
RSLGPMR750 Ronseal
Moroccan Red 750ml £9.99