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Replacement Chainsaw Chains

The ALM Manufacturing Replacement Chainsaw Chains to fit a wide range of chainsaw makes and models.

The ALM Manufacturing Chainsaw Chain has a 3/8in low profile (L/P), 0.043in guide bar slot 0.375mm and low profile (L/P) 1.1mm guide bar slot.

Made to fit: Bosch: AKE30, AKE30-17S, PKE30B and suits saws with a 30cm (12in) bar and chain with 45 drive links.

Price is for individual model shown.
ALMBC045: £15.72
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brandlogo Code: ALMBC045
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Box Content

1 x ALM Manufacturing BC045 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 45 Links 1.1mm Bosch 30cm Bars

Other Products within the Group

Name Bar Size Links Price
BC045 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 45 Links 1.1mm Bosch 30cm Bars
ALMBC045 ALM Manufacturing
30cm 45 £15.72
BC052 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 52 Links 1.1mm 35cm Bars
ALMBC052 ALM Manufacturing
35cm 52 £15.56
BC057 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 57 Links 1.1mm 40cm Bars
ALMBC057 ALM Manufacturing
40cm 57 £18.06
CH044 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 44 links - Fits 30cm Bars
ALMCH044 ALM Manufacturing
30cm 44 £13.99
CH045 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 45 links - Fits 30cm Bars
ALMCH045 ALM Manufacturing
30cm 45 £15.79
CH049 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 49 links - Fits 35cm Bars
ALMCH049 ALM Manufacturing
35cm 49 £16.28
CH050 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 50 links - Fits 35cm Bars
ALMCH050 ALM Manufacturing
35cm 50 £14.46
CH052 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 52 links - Fits 35cm Bars
ALMCH052 ALM Manufacturing
35cm 52 £14.63
CH053 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 53 Links - Fits 35cm Bars
ALMCH053 ALM Manufacturing
35cm 53 £14.63
CH055 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 55 links - Fits 40cm Bars
ALMCH055 ALM Manufacturing
40cm 55 £15.46
CH056 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 56 links - Fits 40cm Bars
ALMCH056 ALM Manufacturing
40cm 56 £15.64
CH057 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 57 links - Fits 40cm Bars
ALMCH057 ALM Manufacturing
37cm 57 £15.64
CH060 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 60 links - Fits 45cm Bars
ALMCH060 ALM Manufacturing
45cm 60 £16.79
CH061 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 61 Links - Fits 45cm Bars
ALMCH061 ALM Manufacturing
45cm £18.34
CH062 Chainsaw Chain 3/8in x 62 links - Fits 45cm Bars
ALMCH062 ALM Manufacturing
46cm 62 £17.26
CH064 Chainsaw Chain .325 x 64 links - Fits 40cm Bars
ALMCH064 ALM Manufacturing
40cm 64 £21.24
CH066 Chainsaw Chain .325 x 66 links - Fits 40cm Bars
ALMCH066 ALM Manufacturing
40cm 66 £22.66
CH072 Chainsaw Chain .325 x 72 links - Fits 45cm Bars
ALMCH072 ALM Manufacturing
45cm 72 £22.57

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