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RC-2375 Ratchet Cutter 63mm 30088

This Ridgid RC-2375 Ratchet pipe cutter with a large diameter and an advanced blade design. This, combined with the ratcheting mechanism, reduces the amount of hand force needed to cut through hard plastic material.

It has an aluminium construction for heavy-duty use, ergonomic grips and a quick-change blade pin. It easily cuts plastic pipe and tubing such as PVC and CPVC, as well as PEX, polyethylene, polybutylene and rubber hose.

Capacity: 12-63 mm.

Technical Specs

Capacity: 12-63 mm.

Price £154.03
Delivery Status: Will be despatched next working day
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Box Content

1 x Ridgid RC-2375 Ratchet Cutter

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