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Centre Punch Set, 3 Piece

The BlueSpot 3 Piece Centre Punch Set is specially designed to create an indented hole for stable drilling. Manufactured from heat-treated alloy steel for increased durability. Colour coded, knurled handles provide a secure grip.

Sizes: 1/32, 1/16 and 3/32in.

Price £3.10
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Box Content

1 x BlueSpot Tools Centre Punch Set. 3 Piece

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5 Centre Punch 8mm (5/16in)
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Automatic Centre Punch
B/S22440 BlueSpot Tools
Centre Punch Set, 3 Piece
B/S22441 BlueSpot Tools
Mixed Set Mixed Set £3.10
6 Centre Punch 1.5mm (1/16in) - Square Head
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6 Centre Punch 3mm (1/8in) - Square Head
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6 Centre Punch 4mm (5/32in) - Square Head
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100mm (4in) 4.0mm From £3.23
6 Centre Punch 5mm (3/16in) - Square Head
FAICP316SH Faithfull
100mm (4in) 5.0mm From £3.23
6 Centre Punch 6mm (1/4in) - Square Head
FAICP14SH Faithfull
100mm (4in) 6.0mm From £3.23
7 44 Square Head Centre Punch 1/16in
PRI44116 Priory
100mm (4in) 1.5mm From £3.64
7 44 Square Head Centre Punch 3/32in
PRI44332 Priory
100mm (4in) 2.5mm From £3.64
7 44 Square Head Centre Punch 1/8in
PRI4418 Priory
100mm (4in) 3.0mm From £3.64
7 44 Square Head Centre Punch 5/32in
PRI44532 Priory
100mm (4in) 4.0mm From £3.64
7 44 Square Head Centre Punch 3/16in
PRI44316 Priory
100mm (4in) 5.0mm From £3.64
7 44 Square Head Centre Punch 1/4in
PRI4414 Priory
100mm (4in) 6.0mm From £3.64
7 44-SC4 Centre Punch Set 4 Piece
PRI44SET4 Priory
Mixed Set Mixed Set From £3.64
2 Round Head Centre Punch 3/8in
PRI12438 Priory
150mm (6in) 9.5mm From £6.70
2 Round Head Centre Punch 1/2in
PRI12412 Priory
180mm (7in) 12.7mm From £6.70
6 117AA Centre Punch 1.5mm (1/16in)
STR117AA Starrett
75mm (3in) 1.5mm From £4.87
6 117A Centre Punch 2mm (5/64in)
STR117A Starrett
100mm (4in) 2.0mm From £4.87
6 117B Centre Punch 2.5mm / 3/32in
STR117B Starrett
100mm (4in) 2.5mm From £4.87
6 117C Centre Punch 3mm (1/8in)
STR117C Starrett
100mm (4in) 3.0mm From £4.87
6 117D Centre Punch 4mm (5/32in)
STR117D Starrett
100mm (4in) 4.0mm From £4.87
6 S117PC Centre Punch Set 5 Piece
STRS117PC Starrett
Mixed Set Mixed Set From £4.87
Square Head Centre Punch 3.2mm (1/8in)
STA058120 Stanley Tools
100mm (4in) 3.2mm £3.77

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