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Tool Bags, Tool Pouches & Holders

Tool Bags, Tool Pouches & Holders

The care of tools is very important if the best results are to be achieved. Traditionally, tools were kept in heavy wooden chests, wall mounted cabinets or in user made fixtures around the workbench. However, the heavy carpenters' chest is hardly sold now, most of them where required being user made. Where tools are used in a workshop, a place for each thing is better than everything in the same place.

Tool clips provide an excellent means of keeping tools tidy in the workshop, shed or garage. Where tools have to be stored in a cupboard or taken to the job it is important to ensure that they are properly protected. Chisels should have chisel guards so that the honed edges do not chip or do damage to the handles of others.

In addition to tool bags and holdalls there are a number of rolls and wallets and to quote an example it is better to keep chisels in a wallet with the wallet inside a tool bag rather than to allow the chisels to rattle around.

Carpenters' Tool Bags Or Basses

These are the traditional carpenters' or plumbers' tool bags, often known as basses. They should be made from heavy canvas with the handles of reinforced rope, carried right round the bag to take the weight of heavy tools. An advantage of this type of bag is that when in use it can be spread wide open making it easier to select and take the required tools. Brass eyelets are set around the top of the bag
so that it may be laced up securely for carrying and storage.

Chisel, Spanner & Bit Rolls

Strongly made to take heavy wear, these rolls come with different sized pockets according to the type of product they are to hold. Thus a chisel roll has pockets increasing in size to take small to large chisels, as has the bit roll. A spanner roll has longer pockets. The rolls are usually held closed with a leather strap and buckle. They can also be used for holding other tools such as screwdrivers.

Nail Bags

These are for wearing round the waist and for holding nails of all sizes, safely and conveniently, while working. They should be made from strong leather, stitched and rivetted for strength, and include a belt to attach it around the waist.

Tool Holders & Pouches

Also for wearing round the waist, these products either fit on a belt, or come complete with their own belt. Made to take most types of tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, etc. Apart from being a very convenient way of carrying those tools they are also an essential safety item for anyone who is working high up on buildings or scaffolding, where a dropped tool can cause injury to anyone standing below.

Zip Top Tool Holdalls

In sizes 18in, 24in and 30in these are probably the most versatile of tool bags, used by virtually all trades. They should be made of a hard wearing material with the handles stitched all round the body for extra strength, with a strong zip, and with a 'D' ring to take a padlock.