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The Brennenstuhl Group is a top international company within the area of electronics and electrotechnology. They have achieved this by constantly being ambitious and innovative.

Since their inception in 1958, Brennenstuhl engineers and technicians have constantly developed new ideas, on the basis of which they create new products. This gives  them a head start, which they solidify through national and international patents and trade mark rights, and continuously expand, in cooperation with their partners in retailing.

The company's high-quality product series also includes - besides equipment for power distribution ( e.g. cable reels, cable boxes and power outlet strips) - overvoltage protection devices and home and safety engineering equipment (e.g. video surveillance systems, intercom systems and smoke detectors).

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Key Products

Hugo 1500530 Diamond Stylus
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Hard Metal Stylus 1500540
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1500743 Engraver Kit 25W
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1500763 Engraver Kit Diamond Tip 25W
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Hugo 1508130 Adaptor
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Hugo 1508250 Pointed Forming Head
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