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GOIZPER was set up in 1959 in Spain, specialising in manufacturing hand-operated sprayers for Agriculture and Gardening.

GOIZPER produces Matabi manual sprayers (knapsack sprayers, garden sprayers, electrical sprayers) and dusters for agricultural, gardening, industrial, indoor residual spraying and household applications, accounting for the other 70% of our production.

GOIZPER´s offer has placed them among the top producers of sprayers in the world due to their price / quality relationship, and their fast and reliable service.

All Matibi sprayers are Ideal for use in the open air, from balconies and terraces to cultivated plots and gardens of medium size (200 m2) and large size (1.500 m2) and for crops that, due to the application technique or the difficulty of the ground, require the hands to remain free and/or do not allow much weight to be carried on the operator’s back. The product capacity of these models is approximately two thirds of the total volume, since the remaining third must be left available for compressed air. Once pressurised, and after operating the pressure chamber several times (18 to 24 times, depending on the model) treatment can commence. Attractive packaging.

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Key Products

Style 1.5 Hand Sprayer 1 litre
Garden Sprayers
Style 7 Sprayer 5 litre
Garden Sprayers
Supergreen 16 Knapsack Sprayer 16 litre
Garden Sprayers
Supergreen 12 Knapsack Sprayer 12 litre
Garden Sprayers
IK Multi 1.5 Industrial Sprayer 1 litre
Industrial Sprayers
IK Constru-Plus 7 Sprayer 5 litre
Industrial Sprayers
Berry 7 Sprayer 5 litre
Garden Sprayers
Evolution 7 Sprayer 5 litre
Garden Sprayers
Evolution 15 LTC Sprayer 18V 15 litre
Garden Sprayers
Telescopic Lance 3.2m
Garden Sprayer Accessories & Spares