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B641 Bearing Fit Compound

Bondloc B641 is a single part anaerobic securing compound, designed for fitting cylindrical metal assemblies and cures when confined between the parts.

It will secure all types and sizes of bearings, shafts and cylindrical parts which will require disassembly in the future. It is medium strength and is colour-coded yellow for job identification.


Resin: Mod. Dimethacrylate.
Colour: Yellow.
Fixture Speed No Activator: 10-15 mins.
Fixture Speed With Activator: <5 mins.
Viscosity: 400-800 cps.
Gap fill: 0.2 mm.
Flash Point: >100°C.
Shelf Life: 12 month min.
Specific Gravity: 1.06.
Max Operating Temperature: -55°C to + 150°C.

Cured Performance:

Full Cure Time: 12 hours.
Static shear strength: 12N/mm².
ISO 10123 pin/collars range: 1-16 N/mm(²).

Bondloc Bearing Fit Retaining Compound.

Size: 50ml.

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BONB64150: £26.92
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1 x Bondloc Bearing Fit Retaining Compound 50ml

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