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Jump Leads

Few things are more dispiriting than turning the ignition key and hearing nothing. Just when you need your car to start, it plays dead.

Modern car batteries are very reliable, but leaving the lights on for a few hours will soon discharge them. Even a boot light or an interior light left on overnight can flatten a battery. And a car left standing for a month or so may discharge its battery just from the current drawn by the alarm.

To start a car with a flat battery you need the S Style SSJL200, a set of good quality heavy-duty cables with beefy clamps at each end, and a friend is also a good help! Your friend must have a car with a battery in good condition, as this will aid in the success on starting your flat battery.

Simply position another car near yours so that the batteries are close, but do not let the vehicles touch. Connect one end of the red jump lead to the positive (+) terminal of the boosting battery (Do not let the other end of the red lead touch any vehicle metal components) and connect the other end of the red lead to the positive (+) terminal of the flat battery.

Then connect one end of the black jump lead to the negative (-) terminal of the boosting battery and connect the other end of the black lead to a bolt or metal bracket, well away from the battery, on the engine block of the vehicle to be started is a good source.

Ensure that the jump leads cannot come into contact with any moving parts of either engine. Start the engine of the boosting vehicle and run it at a fast idle speed for a few minuets. Now turn the ignition to start the engine of your vehicle, the leads will pull power from the boosting battery to help your battery back to life. Check that your vehicle is running properly then carefully disconnect the leads, and your on your way.

200 Amp.
2.5m length.
Jump lead with 10mm insulation.
Supplied in poly bag with euro slot.

Technical Specs

10mm insulation
200 Amp

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D/ISSJL200: £9.80
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Box Content

1 x S STYLE SSJL200 Jump Leads 2.5m - 200A

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