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Sheathed Drift Punch

The Facom 249.G sheathed drift punches are tough and durable. With very high tensile strength, these punches feature a head hardened to 43 HRc and a long shank hardened to 58 HRc. The handles are ergonomically shaped for comfort and shock absorption.

Ideal as an aid in aligning bolt or rivet holes prior to inserting a fastener.

The FCM249G10 Sheathed Punch has the following specifications:
Point diameter: 9.80 mm.
Length: 230mm.

Technical Specs

Weight: 181g.

Price is for individual model shown.
FCM249G10: £13.28
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Box Content

1 x FCM249G10 249.G10 Sheathed Punch 10mm

Other Products within the Group

Name Type Point Diameter Length Pin Length Price
249.G2 Sheathed Drift Punch 2mm
FCM249G2 Facom
Drift Punch 1.95mm 140mm £9.96
249.G3 Sheathed Drift Punch 3mm
FCM249G3 Facom
Drift Punch 2.95mm 150mm £10.38
249.G4 Sheathed Drift Punch 4mm
FCM249G4 Facom
Drift Punch 3.95mm 190mm £10.75
249.G5 Sheathed Drift Punch 5mm
FCM249G5 Facom
Drift Punch 4.95mm 200mm £11.18
249.G6 Sheathed Drift Punch 6mm
FCM249G6 Facom
Drift Punch 5.90mm 210mm £12.02
249.G6 Sheathed Drift Punch 8mm
FCM249G8 Facom
Drift Punch 7.90mm 216mm £12.36
249.G10 Sheathed Drift Punch 10mm
FCM249G10 Facom
Drift Punch 9.8mm 230mm £13.28
249.G12 Sheathed Drift Punch 12mm
FCM249G12 Facom
Drift Punch 11.80mm 280mm £21.30
249.G14 Sheathed Drift Punch 14mm
FCM249G14 Facom
Drift Punch 13.80mm 290mm £20.86
249.G16 Sheathed Drift Punch 16mm
FCM249G16 Facom
Drift Punch 15.70mm 310mm £27.10
249.GJ7 Sheathed Drift Punch Set 2-10mm (7 Piece)
FCM249GJ7 Facom
Set 2.0-10mm Mixed Set £79.91

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