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Lion Brass Padlocks

The Henry Squire Lion Range pin tumbler padlocks with stainless steel springs throughout and extra thick cases of solid brass. They have a thicker body section than the Leopard Range with a larger shackle diameter and more key differs, offering a higher level of security.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Hardened steel shackles on padlocks 25-60mm, and the 5 pin versions offer 1,500 key variations.

Keyed alike available to order.


Designed for areas where there is a low to medium risk of theft. Ideal for Toolboxes, Lockers, Cupboards, Sheds, Gates, Greenhouses, etc.

Squire Security Rating 7 (Based on a Rating of 1-15).

Overall Width: 51mm.
Overall Height: 78.6mm.
Overall Thickness: 15.5mm.

Shackle Diameter: 8.8mm.
Vertical Shackle Clearance: 30mm.
Horizontal Shackle Clearance: 28mm.

Hardened Steel Shackle.
1500 Key Variations.

Price is for individual model shown.
HSQLN5: £16.93
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brandlogo Code: HSQLN5
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Box Content

1 x Henry Squire LN5 Lion Brass Padlock 5-Pin 50mm

Other Products within the Group

Type Shackle Diameter Shackle Width
Name Body Width Shackle Height Price
LN2 Lion Brass Padlock 25mm Code: HSQLN2 £7.39
Keyed 25mm 4mm 16.7mm 230
LN3 Lion Brass Padlock 30mm Code: HSQLN3 £8.46
Keyed 30mm 5.5mm 19.5mm 230
LN4 Lion Brass Padlock 5-Pin 40mm Code: HSQLN4 £10.57
Keyed 40mm 6mm 21.1mm 1500
LN4T Lion Brass Padlocks 5-Pin 40mm Twin Pack (2 x LN4KA) Code: HSQLN4T £20.11
Keyed 40mm 6mm 21.1mm 1500
LN4LS Lion Brass Padlock 5-Pin 40mm - 65mm Long Shackle Code: HSQLN4212 £12.17
Keyed 40mm 6mm 64mm 1500
LN5 Lion Brass Padlock 5-Pin 50mm Code: HSQLN5 £16.93
Keyed 50mm 8.8mm 30mm 1500
LN5T Lion Brass Padlocks 5-Pin 50mm Twin Pack Code: HSQLN5T £31.78
Keyed 50mm 8.8mm 30mm 1500
LN5/2.5 Lion Brass Padlock 5-Pin 50mm - 65mm Long Shackle Code: HSQLN525 £18.53
Keyed 50mm 8.8mm 65mm 1500
LN60 Lion Range Brass Padlock 60mm Code: HSQLN60 £22.02
Keyed 60mm 9.5mm 35.5mm 1500

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