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IK Multi Industrial Sprayer

The Matabi IK Multi Industrial Sprayers are manufactured with highly resistant materials designed to be compatible with chemical agents commonly used in the world of professional cleaning and disinfection, construction, automotive and industrial workshops.

Ideal for the following applications:

Cleaning: application of detergents, disinfectants, polishes, shampoos, descalers etc.

Construction: application of mould release agents, stripping substances, descaling agents, waterproofing substances, curing agents, sealants, densifiers, coolants for cutting tools, machinery maintenance etc.

Automotive: application of degreasers, rim cleaners, insect remover, coolants for cutting tools, window cleaning, upholstery cleaners etc.

Fan Even Nozzle also supplied.

The Matabi IK Multi 6 Industrial Sprayer has the following specification:

Tank Capacity: 4 Litre.


IK Multi 6 Industrial Sprayer 4 Litre

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Box Content

1 x Matabi IK Multi 6 Industrial Sprayer 4 Litre

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