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Mink Cage Trap 30in

This Pest-Stop high-quality Mink Cage is a traditional device for the humane trapping of mink or other similar sized pests. This type of cage is exclusive to Procter Pest-Stop. The cage is made from galvanised steel to resist rust, and has a carry handle on the top of the cage for easy transportation. It is ready to use and comes complete with detailed instructions for use.

The trap works by placing bait on or close to a plate inside the trap. When the intruder touches the plate, the trap is activated and the doors close, trapping the animal inside.

Please note: It is illegal to release captured live mink back into the wild. Therefore the captured mink should be humanely killed. For further information on this, contact DEFRA or the RSPCA.

Technical Specs

Cage weight: 1.34kg.

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Box Content

1 x PRCPSMCAGE Mink Cage Trap

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