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Cold Chisels

Quality chrome vanadium steel, increased strength and durability for all metalwork tasks from chipping and shaping wrought iron, cast iron, steel, brass, bronze, copper and aluminium to cutting bolts, nuts and rivets. Quenched and tempered to precise specifications for added safety.

Size: 140 x 10mm (5 1/2 x 3/8 in).

Technical Specs

Size: 140 x 10mm (5 1/2 x 3/8 in).

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STA418286: £3.88
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Box Content

1 x Stanley Cold Chisel 10 x 141 mm (3/8in x 5.9/16in)

Other Products within the Group

Name Width Length Price
Cold Chisel 10 x 141mm (3/8 x 5.9/16in)
STA418286 Stanley Tools
10mm (3/8in) 141mm (5.1/2in) £3.88
Cold Chisel 13 x 152mm (1/2 x 6in)
STA418287 Stanley Tools
13mm (1/2in) 150mm (6in) £3.88
Cold Chisel 16 x 171mm (5/8 x 6.3/4in)
STA418288 Stanley Tools
16mm (5/8in) 170mm (6.3/4in) £4.40
Cold Chisel 19 x 175mm (3/4 x 6.7/8in)
STA418289 Stanley Tools
19mm (3/4in) 175mm (7in) £5.69
Cold Chisel 22 x 203mm (7/8 x 8in)
STA418290 Stanley Tools
22mm (7/8in) 200mm (8in) £8.53
Cold Chisel 25 x 205mm (1 x 12in)
STA418291 Stanley Tools
25mm (1in) 300mm (12in) £11.64
FatMax® Cold Chisel with Guard 300 x 25mm (12 x 1in)
STA418332 Stanley Tools
25mm (1in) 300mm (12in) £17.46

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