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Power Magnet

E-Magnets Power Magnets are powerful and durable horseshoe magnets that give a high performance through a range of air gaps and high temperatures. They have a high level of stability and corrosion resistance. Ideal for retrieving ferrous parts from high temperature salt baths, hot and corrosive liquids, plating vats or oil quenching tanks.

Maximum Operating temperature: 500°C
Material: Alnico

The E-Magnets 811 Power Magnet has the following specifications:
Height: 20mm (25/32 inch).
Width: 30mm (1.3/16 inch).
Thickness: 20mm (25/32 inch).
Maximum Pull: 4.5kg (10 lb).

Technical Specs

Weight: 60g.

Price is for individual model shown.
MAG811: £13.72
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Box Content

1 x MAG811 811 Power Magnet 20mm x 30mm x 20mm

Other Products within the Group

Name Dimensions Max. Pull Weight Price
811 Power Magnet 20 x 30 x 20mm
MAG811 E-Magnets
20 x 20 x 30mm 4.5kg 60g £13.72

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