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Ragni is Italy's premier manufacturer of professional plastering, cement finishing, tiling and brick trowels. They set demanding standards in materials and methods of manufacture in order to produce an extensive range of trowels that are noted for their quality, balance and value for money. All Ragni trowels are fully guaranteed against any manufacturing defects.

Within the UK, Ragni has the distinction of being the top selling brand of trowels for tradesmen.

Ragni Crown solid forged brick trowels are the latest addition to the range. These premium quality trowels have been painstakingly designed and tested in conjunction with bricklayers to ensure that they are suited to the most demanding applications. Balance, strength, comfortable non-slip grip and available in a range of sizes to suit all needs are just a few of the benefits that the Ragni Crown range brings to the end-user, backed up by a 3 year guarantee.

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