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RSBG8 200mm (8in) Bench Grinder 550W 240V
Record Power
RSBG6 150mm (6in) Bench Grinder 350W 240V
Record Power
DW733 Portable Thicknesser 1800W 240V
DP16B Bench Drill with Cast Iron Handwheel
Record Power
DS300 Cast Iron Disc Sander 305mm (12in)
Record Power
3 R150CB Chisel & Bits For RPM75
Record Power
From £26.88
CWA70 Face Plate 200mm (4in)
Record Power
DML250 250mm (10in) Cast Iron Mini Lathe 375W 240V
Record Power
BDS150 Belt Disc Sander 152 x 101mm (6 x 4in)
Record Power
HC 260C Planer Thicknesser 2200W 240V
WG250 250mm (10in) Wet Stone Grinder 160W 240V
Record Power
WG200 200mm (8in) Wet Stone Grinder 160W 240V
Record Power
DH330 Bench Top Planer 1800W 240V
CWA93 Live Centre 1 Morse Taper
Record Power
D27300 Planer Thicknesser 2100W 240V