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Multi-Sharp® Whetstone Water Cooled Sharpener

The Multi-Sharp ATT3001 ‘Wetstone’ Chisel & Plane Blade Sharpener has the following features:


Water-cooling is acknowledged by professionals to hone the finest edges. The ‘ Wetstone’ uses re-circulating water to eliminate over-heating of the blade edge and loss of steel temper –‘blueing’. Simply fill the built-in reservoir with water, turn on the power drill and a continuous film of water covers the face of the grinding wheel.


‘Wetstone’ sharpens even badly damaged chisels / plane blades quickly, because it uses the relatively high power / torque of an electric drill. The chisel clamp accurately holds the blade at the selected angle for a precision ground edge.

*Blade capacity: 10-60mm.

*Sharpening angles: 25,30,35,40 for primary and secondary bevels, plus firmer, bevel-edge and rebate chisels.

*The traditional leather strop removes any burr, for a razor sharp edge.


The Tool Rest gives a firm base for re-pointing and re-edging a whole range of small tools including: cold chisels, bradawls, screwdrivers, centre-punches, scribers, wood carving / turning tools, gouges etc. Marked angles on the rest indicates the tip angle.

*Power source : any electric drill.

Technical Specs

Sharpens chisels and plane blades (10-60mm) to a razor edge
4 sharpening angles: 25,30,35,40 degrees
Unique Water-Cooling system prevents ‘burning’ of the cutting edge
Fits any electric drill

Price £27.43
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Box Content

1 x Multi-Sharp® ATT3001 Wetstone Water Cooled Chisel Plane Sharpener

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